Vis-La - Hydration, electrolytes and vitamins

With a unique formula, similar to the composition of sweat, isotonic (about 300mosmol/L), Vis-la is a good solution to replenish water and electrolytes meeting WHO standards. The product has no preservatives, no chemical sugars, no colorants or flavors, and is safe for users.


One 18.8g packet contains:
– Glucose anhydrous 4g
– Cation: Na+ 5.25mEq, K+ 1.25mEq, Ca2+ 0.25mEq, Mg2+ 0.125mEq
– Anion: Cl- 4.125mEq, Citrate3- 2.5mEq, Lactate- 0.25mEq
– Vitamins: Vitamin B3 0.8 mg, Vitamin B5 0.25 mg, Vitamin B6 0.08 mg
– The dried glucose syrup ingredients are just enough for 18.8g.

Dosage Form
Powder packet

Box of 10 packets x18.8g

Shelf life
3 years

CBSP Number

XNQC Number


Supplement water, electrolytes and vitamins needed for the body to quench thirst, support recovery and improve health in cases of dehydration and excessive sweating.
Support increased physical strength, endurance, and flexibility in physical activities.
This health supplement is not a medicine, and it should not be used in place of prescribed medication.

Subjects of use

Cases of excessive sweating include: People who participate in and practice sports, those who work in hot temperatures, and people who do hard labor.
Cases of dehydration, such as: fever, diarrhea, vomiting, when just waking up, long hot baths, refreshments when going out or traveling.
The product can be used for both adults and children over 2 years old.


- Mix 1 packet into 1 cup of filtered water (250 ml of water) or 2 packets into a 500 ml bottle, shake or stir well until dissolved and drink. Drink a little at a time according to your body's needs.
- Attention: Do not mix in a metal bottle to ensure product taste.
- Mixed product should be used within 24 hours at room temperature or 48-72 hours when stored in the refrigerator.
People who have sensitivities to any of the product's ingredients should not use it.

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