Meracine is a company specializing in Research, Production, and Distribution of Pharmaceuticals, Health supplement, Cosmeceutical products and Medical devices.

Formerly known as Viet Duc Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company and Gia Nguyen factory with nearly 2 decades of establishment and development, Meracine was launched in early 2023, marking a strong, synchronous and comprehensive change of the company to create higher values for community health through strategic desire and determination.

Through the combination of “meraki” which carries the idea of passion, leader and “cine” in the word “medicine”, the name Meracine always goes hand in hand with the message “Dedicated to health” conveying the entire mission of the business: Dedicated to bringing the community safe, high-quality pharmaceutical products with a decent business philosophy. The logo is inspired by the image of a pill, stylized as a “gene” with a translated shape reminiscent of the letter M in the brand name.

Meracine has built a team of skilled, experienced, enthusiastic and responsible pharmacists thanks to the dedicated guidance of the world’s leading experts. Following that, the Meracine factory is invested on a large scale, with a professional, modern, highly automated production line meeting GMP standards, which brings outstanding product quality and ensures the standardization in quality from input materials to inspecting semi-finished products, finished products, storage, and transportation before distributing to the market.

The strength that makes the difference of Meracine is pioneering research, production and distribution of a Biopharmaceutical product group that protects health – Probiotics. These are products that use microbial technology including all microbiological methods such as culture, fermentation, etc. to manufacture food, medicine or probiotics.

Meracine is also a leading trustworthy supplier, with a diverse catalog of international quality products that are safe and highly effective in treatment, ranging from: Medicines, Health supplement, to Cosmeceutical products and Medical devices. Typical products: Bio-acimin microbial nuggets, Jasunny shampoo, Smoovy hygience solution, Rewhitez exfoliating gel, Jazxylo nasal drops…