Smoovy Cool - New Generation Feminine Hygiene Solution

A pioneer in the application of new active ingredients 100% from high-quality natural ingredients, Smoovy is a hygiene solution product that raises safety standards, does not cause irritation like hygiene solution with sulfate soap, anti-itch, antibacterial, and strong deodorant, prevents re-infection of gynecological diseases.


Water, decyl glucoside, sodium cocoamphoacetate, PEG-150 distearate, fragrance, laureth-7 citrate, lactic acid, phenoxyethanol, Aloe vera extract, dicaprylyl ether, menthol, Rosa damascena extract (Rose extract), ethylhexylglycerin, glyceryl oleate, Chamomilla recutita extract (Roman Chamomile Extract), hydrolyzed collagen, menthyl lactate, DL_alpha_tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E).

Dosage Form

Bottle of 150ml

Shelf life
3 years

CBSP Number

XNQC Number


Gently cleans external genitalia and mucous membranes.
Antibacterial and deodorizing.
Soothe irritations (itching and discomfort) in and around the genital region.
Instant cooling, bringing a feeling of refreshment and relaxation.
Reduce dull, sagging skin.
Moisturize and smooth, improve genital dryness problem.
Support pinking and tightening the genital area.

Subjects of use

Puberty children
Pregnant & postpartum women
Other genders…
In case of gynecological infection: vaginitis, vulvovaginitis, vaginal discharge, vaginal discharge, fungus,...


Gently wet the genital area, take a little solution into the palm of your hand, rub the outside of the area and rinse with clean water.
Applying a superior, safe and gentle new generation formula, Smoovy is suitable for both men, women and children for daily use.

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