SEBONEtab - Calcium & Vitamin supplements

SEBONEtab helps improve osteoporosis and slow down bone degeneration.


– Aquamin F (Lithothamnion Powder) 800mg (corresponding to Calcium 250mg, Magnesium 20mg)
– Vitamin D3 100IU
– Vitamin K2 22.5mcg
– Other excipients: Starch and magnesium stearate enough for 1 tablet.

Dosage Form

Box of 1 bottle of 60 tablets

Shelf life
3 years

CBSP Number

XNQC Number


- Supplement Calcium, Magnesium and other essential minerals for the body. Support strong bones.
- Support improvement of osteoporosis and slow down age-related bone degeneration.
This health supplement is not a medicine, and it should not be used in place of prescribed medication.

Subjects of use

- Used for people with osteoporosis or at risk of osteoporosis such as premenopausal women, postmenopausal women, and the elderly.
- Pregnant women, lactating mothers, children during their development period, people in need of calcium supplementation due to inadequate nutrition or disease.


- Take it in the morning or noon. Take it with plenty of water.
- Take 1-2 tablets a day.
People who have sensitivities to any of the product's ingredients should not use it.

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