SalineSea - Salt packet & Nasal wash bottle

SalineSea nasal wash bottle is made from non-toxic PE plastic, meeting medical wash bottle standards. Salt packets dissolve quickly and conveniently. This is a convenient, safe, and quality product to wash the nose for all family members.


Bottle of 250ml made from non-toxic PE plastic. 2.25g salt packet: Sodium chloride.

1 bottle & 10 salt packets x 2,25g

Shelf life
3 years

CBSP Number


Help clean the nasal cavity and throat gently and effectively. Support the removal of pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, dust, allergens... penetrating the nasal cavity and throat.
Reduce unpleasant irritations when suffering from upper respiratory tract diseases.
Improve breathing, clear the nose, and ease breathing.

Subjects of use

Can be used for infants, children and adults. Do not use for people who are sensitive or intolerant to any ingredient of the product.


Put 2.25g salt packet or 2.25g NaCl salt tablet into the bottle, add pure water (or boiled and cooled clean water) up to the 250ml mark in the SalineSea washing bottle. Close and tighten the tip. Use your index finger to tightly close the tip and gently shake the bottle to dissolve the salt. Then you can use a bottle containing saline solution to wash your nose, clean wounds, and white horse.

When using to wash your nose, put the tip into one nostril and start breathing through your mouth. Gently squeeze the bottle so that the saline solution instill deep into the nasal cavity and flows out the other nostril, then release your hand and repeat the above action several times to help clean the nasal cavity.

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