Pre IQ - Synthetic vitamin for pregnant women

PreIQ supplements DHA, EPA, essential vitamins and minerals specifically for women before, during and after pregnancy.


Each soft capsule (1000 mg liquid) contains:
Fish oil 670mg corresponding to EPA 120mg + DHA 80mg, Vitamin B1 2 mg, Vitamin B2 2 mg, Vitamin B6 2 mg, Calci hydro phosphat 100mg, Copper sulfate 1mg, Ferrous fumarate 31.4 mg, Folic Acid 800 µg, Magnesioxyd 30 mg, Vitamin A 300 µg, Vitamin C 25 mg, Biotin 150 µg, Cholin hydroclorid 25 mg, Potassium Iodide140 µg, Vitamin B3 15 mg, Vitamin K1 70 µg, Zinc sulfate 15 mg, Selen 30 µg, Taurin 10mg, Vitamin B12 6 µg, Vitamin E 10IU, Vitamin D3 100 IU, Vitamin B5 6 mg.
Excipients: Gelatin, white beeswax (901), lecithin (322(i)) enough for 1 capsule.

Dosage Form
Soft capsules

Box of 1 bottle of 30 capsules

Shelf life
3 years

CBSP Number

XNQC Number


Supplement DHA, EPA, choline, necessary vitamins and minerals to meet the increased nutritional needs of women planning to become pregnant, during pregnancy and while breastfeeding helps improve health and improve health resistance.
This health supplement is not a medicine, and it should not be used in place of prescribed medication.

Subjects of use

Used for women before and during pregnancy, women after giving birth and breastfeeding.


1 capsule per day with meals or as directed by your physician.
Attention: People who have sensitivities to any of the product's ingredients should not use it.

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