Brain Vip - Capsule for the brain

BrainVip is a product combining Alpha GPC, Bacopa Monniera Extract 20% and Fish oil (EPA and DHA) to help develop the brain and enhance brain circulation.


Each soft gelatin capsule contains:
– Fish oil 250mg (Equivalent to EPA…45mg, DHA…30mg)
– Alpha GPC 150mg (Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholin)
– Bacopa Monniera Extract 20% 50mg (Bacopa Extract)
– Excipients: gelatin, refined palm olein oil enough for 1 capsule

Dosage Form
Soft gelatin capsule

Box of 1 vial x 30 soft gelatin capsules

CBSP Number

XNQC Number


Help develop the brain, enhance cerebral circulation.
Support symptom reduction due to cerebral circulatory insufficiency and after stroke due to embolism.
This product is not a medicine and does not replace medicine.

Subjects of use

- People with reduced brain activity, memory loss, the elderly.
- People after stroke due to embolism, after traumatic brain injury.
- People who mentally work and study intensively, or are tense and exhausted.


- Take 1-2 capsules/time x 2 times/day. Or as directed by a physician.
- Should be taken during or after meals. You should start with a low dose and then gradually increase.
- Do not use by people who are sensitive to any ingredient of the product, women in pregnancy or lactation, or people with cerebral hemorrhage after surgery.

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